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Strategic Liquidity is a proprietary, private debt trading investment group who has completed over 1100 transactions and $1.5 billion of debt bought/sold/realized in the past 20 years.   Typical investments include purchasing claims of creditors in bankruptcy cases such as the Sears & Century 21 and other major bankruptcies; judgments from trustees and receivers,  loans from third party investors,  and remnant assets in the wind down of bankruptcy case.

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  • Our team focuses on acquiring smaller illiquid positions that may no longer be a strategic fit for your portfolio. This allows us to provide targeted solutions while offering you an exit strategy.
  • We actively invest in distressed debt focusing on first-lien loans in forbearance, default,or bankruptcy situations.
  • Despite our size, we have purchased loans from large investment fund managers and provided DIP financing to companies alongside Bain Capital, Monroe Capital, Blackrock, Oaktree, Goldman Sachs, and Jeffries, among others. We are also a registered user on Clearpar.
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Bankruptcy Trustees
  • Our team can help close out your estate by converting assets into cash.
  • Your duty as a Trustee is to maximize the estate value. You have collected funds and now want to make a distribution to creditors. It is time to close your bankruptcy estate.
  • The longer a bankruptcy estate stays open, the more costly it is for the trustee.  Often, the incremental value of the cash coming in doesn't cover the costs of maintaining the estate, yet you still have an obligation to resolve the remaining assets. In the Final Report, the US Trustee requires trustees to account for all assets.  SLFAQ will buy those remaining hard-to-collect assets from your bankruptcy estate thereby allowing you to close the estate.
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Frequently asked questions

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What is the maximum you will pay for an asset?

SLFAQ, LLC will review any size asset.

What types of assets do you purchase?

We purchase all types of remnant assets including; default judgements, accounts receivables, class action law claims, litigation claims, tax refunds, and promissory notes.

Where do you buy your assets from?

SLFAQ, LLC buys assets from bankruptcy estates receiverships and liquidators.