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 Frequently Asked Questions?

Why sell?

The main reason to sell your claim; is to reduce the risk and uncertainty of the bankruptcy and  to get paid immediately as opposed to some unknown time in the future.  Thus relieving financial stress on your business. 


What is Claims Trading?


Claims Trading is essentially the purchase and sale of claims held by creditors in a bankruptcy.

Does Selling My Claim Involve a lot of Paperwork?


Of course there is some documenting of a claims transfer but its minimal. 

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement

  • Filing the Transfer of Claim with the bankruptcy court.  (SLFAQ, LLC-handles)


The Bankruptcy Claims Market

Bankruptcy claims can get tied up in court for years.  An average bankruptcy can take 2 to 2 1/2 years to resolve.  SLFAQ, LLC will evaluate your claim and offer a fair price, providing your company with immediate liquidity and avoid waiting years for periodic distributions. 


Types of Claims we buy

  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Claims

  • Class Action Claims

  • Judgments


Why Choose Us?

Our extensive knowledge of the bankruptcy law and our knowledge to analyze the potential payout to creditors along with our long history of buying and selling claims gives us the expert advantage. 

Let's Work Together

Bankruptcy creditors interested in selling their claims should contact;

Jarred Herzberg | NY Office


telephone: (646) 202-9299

Freddie Smithson | FL Office


telephone: (646) 536-3824

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